Sausage and Mushroom Brown Rice Risotto


Risottos are one of my favorite foods in the whole world.  They are brimming with flavor, easy to prepare, and there can be thousands upon thousands of variations custom made to your palette’s desire.  The first two times I tried my hand at it, they were utter and complete disasters.  What should have taken 20-22 minutes at the stove became 2 hours plus of stirring and tasting, stirring and tasting until I was starved and wasn’t sure what I was tasting anymore.  Lessons learned.  Now I turn to my tried and true favorite risotto whenever I want an easy and comforting one pot meal…

Because we wanted to consume less white rice and more brown instead whenever we do eat rice, my husband one day suggested that we should try to make risotto with brown rice.  “WHAT?!  Arborio!  Arborio only!  You’re going to food hell for suggesting BROWN rice in a risotto.  You’re going to food hell just for THINKING it!” More untoward thoughts…

Damnation continued in my head whilst I encouragingly said, “Interesting idea, dear.  Maybe we’ll try it next time.”

Fast forward to next time, he was gung ho and even went and bought japenese short grain brown rice.  Well, now I HAD to try it one time, at least to show him that it wouldn’t work, then that would be that and we would move on and go back to good ole arborio, right?  All was going as planned except when just a few minutes into the stirring phase (I stir, let it sit, stir, let it sit, etc.), I saw and felt the brown rice giving off this wonderful creamy texture.  It was working, damn it!  And in the end, it worked wonderfully and deliciously.  Kudos to him for a wonderful idea!

For the risotto we made last night (not the first time with brown rice by now), we used japanese short grain brown rice:



Twelve fat links of Hot Italian Sausages (the husband’s doctor said he needs more protein, so we doubled up on the sausage count this time just to see how it would turn out).  Sausage meat was squeezed out of their casings:


Any mushrooms you can find – we used some portabellas, criminis and beech mushrooms:


Sausages and mushrooms with basil, oregano, chili powder, salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic and cilantro – whatever herbs and seasonings you want:


With the brown rice before adding chicken stock:


About twenty minutes later, we had sumptuous hot sausage and mushroom risotto – see first pic!  The next day will taste even better!  Awww, the husband was a genius for listening and supporting my brown rice risotto idea.  He’s such a dear.

Oh, since I love greens, I made some broccoli rabe with ginger chunks, garlic, pepper flakes, salt and some of the chicken stock for the risotto.  Everybody needs to eat some greens, right?